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BriAnna Zang - Holistic Health Practitioner & LMT

When I was young, my mom was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and through her years of battling, massage was one of the few things she loved and looked forward to. It helped ease the pain and allowed her to function as close to normal as possible. I saw the benefits of massage and wanted to help others. I later attended Body Mind College and graduated in 2007. Massage and bodywork have continued to be my favorite type of holistic work. Being able to connect with my clients, relieve them of their pain, and relax them is very rewarding. Most of all though, I try very hard to make my clients know that for the hour (or however long their session may be), they are the main focus and it is all about them! They are able to leave the stress of life at the door and for that time, they are the king or queen and are tended to as such.

Most of my clients are athletes and I use several modalities to stretch and relieve muscle aches and pain. Hot Stone Massage and Pregnancy Massage are two of my favorite modalities.

I worked as a massage therapist at Golden Door, the famous fitness and spa resort.

Lexi Hart - Esthetician

The spa has been my happy place since I was a little girl. In 2013 I decided to turn this happy place into my work place and joined the rewarding world of skin care. After obtaining my license, I decided to expand my knowledge even further with an extended Masters program, where I learned about more extensive treatments, chemical peels, skin care products, and an array of other invaluable information. My passion for skin care makes my job an enjoyable experience each day I work. I believe that investing in our skin is an investment that lasts a lifetime. I enjoy giving my clients a full skin analysis to help educate them, and set them up on a skin regimen that will achieve the results they are searching for. I am fortunate to love what I do and help others in the process. I am committed to continue my education and to learn new skills to help make a difference in people’s lives and help them look and feel better about themselves.


"After a massage with Brianna, I walk out refreshed, relaxed, and peaceful. I recommend her to anybody who lives a hectic, busy, fast-paced life. She enables you to let go of your stresses and look at life with a breath of fresh air."
- Ken Lobo
"I start to feel better as soon as I make the appointment. Brianna is very professional and personable. It is definitely an hour I look forward to. I spoiled myself with an hour and 1/2 one time, now the hour massage seems to fly by. The time invested in myself helps releive stress and rejuvenates me."
- Sue Gullatta
"Being a U.S. Marine and just recently returning from Iraq, BriAnna's services is just what I needed. My wife had purchased a gift certificate for a 90 minute session as a welcome home/Christmas gift. Though she maybe a tiny little thing, big things come in small packages and she worked through all my tension and rough spots with a deep tissue massage, relieving me from all those months of stress and long days of work. Once she was done, I felt so refreshed knowing that when I walk through that door on my way home that I had left all those stresses behind me."
- GySgt David P. Turner
"Inner radiance helped me when I was experiencing bad leg and back pain. I explained my symptoms to Brianna and she gave me the best treatment ever and solved the chronic pain I had been having for weeks. Since that treatment I have not had the problem in my leg. Brianna is a professional and provides the best service I have experienced. I highly recommended her to all my friends and colleagues."
- Mark Maestas
"Great experience for a very reasonable price. Worked with me to focus on problem areas and got me back on the golf course swinging free and easy."
- Anonymous
"I am privilege to talk about BriAnna White. She is the BEST! BriAnna is GREAT at her job. She care for her client like its her FAMILY. I always look forward to my massage with her every two weeks. I will never stop going to her. Every time I have, I recommend her to all I know. She is a perfect alternative health provider where you don't need drugs (prescribe and non-prescribe) to feel better. I am so happy I am in her life. Thank you BriAnna. I can never say enough to show you how much you make me feel GOOD. I appreciate you in my life."
- Susana Farrell
"I had the fortunate opportunity to get a massage by BriAnna for the first time this past week. Wow. What an excellent massage. BriAnna sat down with me prior to starting the massage to listen to my expectations for the massage and she went beyond what I expected. I've already referred her to a couple of cycling friends and I'll be going back there again very soon."
- Tony DiLorenzo
"I feel great this morning. Thanks sooo much for the awesome massage and for accomodating me last minute. I really appreciate it!"
- Anonymous
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